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Korean Resources

Many ministries, churches, schools and individuals around the world translate Third Millennium Ministries' materials into their own languages. Sometimes they provide us with copies of those translations so that we can share them with others.

성경신학 개론  (Building Biblical Theology)

  • 제 1 강: 성경신학이란 무엇인가?  (Lesson 1: What is Biblical Theology?)
    Word   PDF
  • 제 2 강: 구약의 공시적 종합  (Lesson 2: Synchronic Synthesis of the Old Testament)
    Word   PDF

나라와 언약들과 정경  (Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament)

  • 제 1 강: 구약을 공부해야 하는 이유  (Lesson 1: Why Study the Old Testament?)
    Word   PDF
  • 제 2강: 하나님의 나라  (Lesson 2: The Kingdom of God)
    Word   PDF
  • 제 3강: 하나님의 언약들  (Lesson 3: Divine Covenants)
    Word   PDF
  • 제 4강: 구약 정경  (Lesson 4: The Canon of the Old Testament )
    Word   PDF